School Program

The museum’s School Program completed another successful session during last year’s school year. Approximately 1200 third graders from 17 schools in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and Cupertino school districts as well as private schools visited our museum to take a glimpse into history.

These field trips include:

  • A brief history of the Martin Murphy, Jr. family and the city of Sunnyvale
  • A tour of the museum’s exhibit rooms
  • Hands-on experiences with artifacts from life over 100 years ago

The program is geared for third grade students and their social studies curriculum. There is NO CHARGE for the school visits. However, we suggest that teachers and students bring donations to help support the museum.

Learning how to use a clothes wringer.

Learning how to use a clothes wringer.

Comments from teachers:

“The docents are knowledgable and manage the students well.”
“The pacing is good to maintain the interest of students. Students enjoyed the many hands-on activities.”
“Always a wonderful experience. Well-organized and age appropriate.”
“Just fantastic. All docents were great, kind, and informative. I love this field trip.”
“This is an excellent program; it really teaches the children about their wonderful city.”
“Very well organized. Loved that student behavior expectations were reviewed.”

Rules For Teachers

1872 Rules For Teachers and instructional materials

Comments from students’ “Thank You” letters:

“Thank you for teaching us about the Murphy family and letting us eat apricots and make toys.”
“I can’t wait to tell all of my friends and family all about the Murphy family and house.”
“I really liked it so much I want to work there.”
“I liked learning things I never knew before.”
“Thank you for all the fun and information.”
“I appreciate you bringing me to the past.”
“I enjoyed learning about how Sunnyvale used to be.”

Click Here to see some of the letters and drawings sent to us by the students!

Old School Toys

Old School Toys

Comments heard as children left the museum:

“This place is awesome!”
“I had a great time.”
“What a cool place!”
“I never knew the things you taught us.”
“It was like a blast from the past!”
“It’s the best museum ever!”

Old Desks

Old Desks

19th Century Girl's Dress

19th Century Girl’s Dress


School Program Play Hoop


School Program Water Pump

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