Programs, Exhibits, & Events

Upcoming Events

There is always something going on at the museum!  Click Here for information about the next planned event that will be open to the public.

School Program

The museum has been hosting field trips for third graders since the museum’s inception.  It is a successful way to teach children about both the history of Sunnyvale and life as a pioneer.  To learn more of the School Program, Click Here.

Illustration Contest

Another educational program for kids and teens is our interpretive contest.  Click Here for more information.

Antique Faire

Each year, the museum hosts ts own Antique Sale and Appraisal Faire.  Click Here for more information.

Victorian Teas

We host a spring tea in late April and early May, then a holiday tea in December.  Click Here for more information.

Garage Sale

The museum has an occasional garage sale fundraiser.  We accept DONATIONS, so keep us in mind all year as you find things of value that you no longer need.  Click Here for more information.

Past Events

The museum hosts several types of special events each year.  Click Here to see an archive of them.

Permanent Exhibits

The museum has a certain number of permanent exhibits.  Click Here for an overview.

Archive Collection

The museum has many artifacts in storage.  Click Here to see a few.

Rotating Exhibits

There are temporary, rotating exhibits in a dedicated room upstairs.  To see info on our current and recent exhibits, click on the following:

Mini Exhibits

There were temporary, small exhibits in the upstairs hallway.

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