Illustration Contest

The Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum held a contest from February to May to interpret our Technology Timeline for a digital version.  Kids and teens were encouraged to participate in this interesting project by illustrating stories and questions that trigger new innovations.  Children will also learn how to become inventors and innovators

Artwork Examples

The preview edition of the StoryRobin Technology Timeline iBook is NOW ON SALE in the iBookStore, and it looks great! In this first edition, innovations and inventions in computation and consumer technology are elaborated in a 90-page beautifully illustrated book, complete with video, audio, and trivia. Through this interactive iBook, reading about technology will not only be enjoyed by all, but you will also become inspired by stories about inventors and innovators.

The full edition of the Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum’s Technology Timeline iBook will be released in 2015, when the upcoming contests in Avionics, Software, Electronics, and Microwave are completed. The full price of the complete iBook will be $19.99. This first and preview edition iBook is on SALE for $9.99. Purchase this preview edition, and you will AUTOMATICALLY be updated and receive the final full version for FREE!

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Museum High Tech Timeline

Museum High Tech Timeline

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