Outdoor Exhibits

Artist Morgan Bricca, owner of Morgan Mural Studios, painted these mini-murals in April of 2019.  She lives locally and has previously painted the historical murals on the downtown Sunnyvale Goodwill building.  The large box painted as the Encina School  (the first school of Sunnyvale) is a PG&E transformer. The smaller boxes are utility boxes for the museum site.
Museum Entrance

museum entrance

Transformer Before Painting

transformer before painting

Transformer with Painting

transformer with painting of the Encina School

Utility Boxes Side View

utility boxes side view

Utility Boxes Front View

utility boxes front view

Morgan Bricca

Morgan Bricca

Here are outdoor exhibits installed in 2018

Front Gate Closed

wrought-iron gates donated by the Mardesich family who had an orchard on the corner of Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road and Fremont Avenue

Mission Bell

mission bell from El Camino Real in Sunnyvale

Firemen's Bell

firemen’s bell

Bells sign

Prune Cooker

prune steamer

Manhole Cover

manhole cover manufactured in Sunnyvale

Prune Cooker & Manhole Cover Sign

Prune Steamer & Manhole Cover Sign

1929 City Hall Cornerstone

1929 city hall cornerstone

1929 City Hall Bell

1929 city hall bell

City Hall Sign

City Hall Sign

New Entrance Site Map

site map

Here are the outdoor exhibits that have been on the museum grounds before 2018.

Railroad Bench

railroad bench


Murphy Street Scene

“Murphy Street Scene” sculpture by John Battenberg

Hendy Lamp Post

Hendy lamp post manufactured in Sunnyvale

Pippin Elementary School Tile Mural 1

Pippin Elementary School tile mural 1

Pippin Elementary School Tile Mural 2

Pippin Elementary School tile mural 2

Sun Dial Stand

sun dial stand



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