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Holiday Special Exhibit

Peppermint Kiss - 2015 Breyer Holiday Horse

Peppermint Kiss – 2015 Breyer Holiday Horse

This year’s special Christmas Holiday Exhibit is called A Collection of Collections. The exhibit showcases Holiday Collectible Series, like this Breyer model horse. This display will be in our upstairs rotating exhibit room through January 2, 2018.

Monday, January 29, 2017 – General Meeting – 7PM Starting Time

Jeanne MacVicar

Jeanne MacVicar

Guest speaker Jeanne MacVicar will give a first hand narrative on the Orphan Train Program. The Orphan Train Movement was the largest mass migration of children in American history. It lasted from 1854 to 1929 and it is estimated that over 250,000 children were moved from orphanages in New York City to rural areas in the United States. It was the genesis of the modern day foster care system and the brain child of Charles Loring Brace, a Methodist minister and social activist. This “placing out” was an attempt to find homes for the urban poor and children were transported on “orphan trains” to be selected by people in rural areas. Jeanne’s Great-Aunt Adeline Rousseau Trowbridge arrived in Clyde, Kansas on the Orphan Train in 1911. She was taken in by Jeanne’s Great-Grandparents George and Sarah Trowbridge at the age of 3 and is buried in the Clyde cemetery. The presentation is an informative history of the Orphan Train Movement on a very personal level.

Winter 2018 – History of the Canneries in Sunnyvale

Libby Water Tower 1930 design

Libby Water Tower 1930 design

Our new rotating exhibit for the winter of 2018 will be about the canneries of Sunnyvale. With the multitude of orchards and national fruit industry here, Libby’s, Del Monte, and Schuckl’s were the largest employers in the city/town for many decades. We will also host a reception showcasing the history of these canneries along with our collection of cannery artifacts on Sunday, Feb. 11, from 1:00pm to 3:30pm.





“Blue Cube” Donations and Stories Wanted!

The Sunnyvale Historical Society is looking for engineers to help tell the story of the Blue Cube. Please contact the museum if you have momentos or stories to share.


School Program Coordinator Needed

The Sunnyvale Historical Society is looking for someone who would be willing to serve as the School Program Coordinator for our annual School Program. The free program brings our local third grade students to the museum to learn about life more than a 100 years ago.

The yearly program is all set up and ready to go, but needs a new coordinator for our volunteers [Training and support will be provided]. Experience working with children would also be helpful.

For more information about volunteering, please call: (408) 736-1665 or (408) 738-2482. 



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Orchard Heritage Park

Winter day with back view of the Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum, Feb 8, 2014

Winter day with back view of the Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum, Feb 8, 2014

In 1994, the City of Sunnyvale preserved 10 acres of apricot trees to celebrate the important contribution of orchards to the early development of the local economy. The museum opened next to the orchard in 2008. Click the photo for views of our apricot orchard throughout the year .


Butcher TractorThe Sunnyvale Historical Society is working with the City of Sunnyvale to look at alternatives for saving the Butcher Family ranch home. The home was built in 1912 and is a remarkable example of a high-end ranch home of the early 1900s. The photo link to the left gives more information on the site and preferred location on the Heritage Park site.  [Click the photo for more information.]

History Through Art

Murphy Park MuralHere is a photo of a mural installed in Murphy Park in 2015 that shows the Murphy family arrival.  There are many works of art around Sunnyvale that depict our town history.  Click here to see our new webpage listing these statues, murals and models.

Past 2017 Events

2017 Holiday Teas

Our formal, Victorian Tea were on December 2, 3, 9, and 10 this year.  Thank you to all who attended and to those who volunteered to make this another success!

Sister City Visitors

On November 7th, it was our great pleasure to host the dignitaries from Sunnyvale’s Sister City: Iizuka, Japan. Here is Sunnyvale Mayor Hendricks, Iizuka Mayor Katamine, and the rest of the contingent outside the museum.

April-October Ibarra Special Exhibit

Copyright Gabriel Ibarra


For half the year, we enjoyed the photos of Gabriel Ibarra, architectural historical photographer, whose images capture the heart of Silicon Valley.  Click Here for more views of this exhibit.

Fall General Meeting – Monday, October 9, 2017


Local TV show features the Museum

Click to play the full episode.

Sewing Machine Mini-Exhibit

White Family Rotary, circa 1900

White Family Rotary, circa 1900

In honor of National Sewing Machine Day, June 13, 2017, we had a special mini exhibit in the museum lobby of sewing machines from our archive collection!

June 25, 2017 – Orchardists Recognition Event

Early morning view, December 4, 2013

Orchard Heritage Park Interpretive Exhibit

Click Here for photos from our special event,  the unveiling of the new panels commemorating Sunnyvale’s early Yugoslav orchardists.

June 12, 2017 –  General Meeting

Our guest speaker was Alan Leventhal, a professor at San José State University and archaeologist, anthropologist and ethnohistorian who has worked with the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe for the past 37 years. He discussed the tribe’s many ties to the Bay Area. Click Here for photos and a video recording of the talk.

2017 Spring Garage Sale

May 6, 2017 was our spring Garage Sale.

Thank you to everyone who donated items, volunteered to work, and came to shop!

Spring Tea – April 29 & 30, 2017

Spring Tea Setting

Spring Tea Setting

Volunteer Fire Department Display at the Library

Back in April, 2017,  in collaboration with librarian Heather Johnson, members of the Sunnyvale Historical Society created a showcase for the Sunnyvale Volunteer Fire Department with artifacts that Jeanine Stanek compiled from the museum archives and contributions from Burt White.

2017 Women’s History Month Exhibit

For the month of March, we had a special mini-exhibit in the upstairs hallway to commemorate Women’s History in Sunnyvale.  Here is a painting called “Teatime Memories” by Alice Freund.  This piece was created in honor of Sunnyvale’s 75th anniversary in 1987.  Click on the photo to learn more!

Bubblegum3January – March 2017 – Chinese art from “Snow White Bubble Gum Cards”  Art cards and posters from children’s literature.

2017 Presidents’ Day Exhibit

For the month of February, we had a special mini-exhibit in the upstairs hallway to commemorate Presidents’ Day in Sunnyvale.  Click here for more photos.

February 13, 2017 –  General Meeting

At our general meeting Monday, February 13, Kristin Dance, who works for the City of Sunnyvale, gave a presentation on the public art in Sunnyvale.








In Memoriam

It is with great sorrow that we announce the August 19, 2017 passing of Jeanine Stanek, the Sunnyvale Historical Society’s Chief Archivist. Her dedication to history, her positive attitude, and her endless energy was an inspiration to us all. She will be greatly missed. Click Here for her full obituary.

Here is a photo of Jeanine Stanek in February 2014 receiving the 2013 Murphy Award for LIfetime Community Contribution.

Centennial Logo





• WOW! What a Celebration! Martin Murphy was surely smiling down on us the weekend of August 25th and 26th, 2012. Not only was the weather absolutely perfect, but the two days from beginning to end were truly a celebration of a lifetime. Sunnyvale has probably not seen anything so grand since 1881 when Martin and Mary Murphy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary held at their Bay View home. Between 4,000 and 5,000 people attended their celebration and for our Centennial Celebration we calculated more than 6,000 people attended over the course of the two-day weekend. Everyone had a grand time.

• The festivities began with a rousing parade, the likes of which has not been seen since the city-wide parade to celebrate 2000. There were marching bands, antique cars, costumes, but most exciting of all unbridled enthusiasm and joy for our city. For more information see (Special Centennial Celebration Newsletter)
Sunnyvale ArcadiaSunnyvale, the latest book in the Arcadia “Images of America” series, has been released. It encompasses all of Sunnyvale’s rich history, with never before seen vintage photographs and outstanding text written by Sunnyvale natives Ben Koning and Anneke Metz.
Books are available at the museum gift shop.

Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum

Come visit the museum!

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    Yes…. the park area in front of the museum is open from dawn to dusk. Also, there is a sidewalk looping the entire heritage park apricot tree orchard. We hope to see you here at the museum!

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    I worked in the STC from Jan 1963 t0 Sept 1992. I was a Charter Member of the 6594th Aerospace Test Wing Training Team. I also taught Data Handling Equipment Maintenance Courses at both Hawaii and Kodiak Tracking Stations. I conducted over 250 classes and trained over 2500 personnel. I also worked as the Mission Director’s Technical Advisor on the GPS and DSP satellite programs. I conducted Orientation tours thru the Satellite Test Center and the Blue Cube. Our training office was the first office to open in the Blue Cube.

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    I’m trying to contact Yvonne Jacobson, author of the book Passing Farms: Enduring Values. In the book it says she taped an interview with my grandparents, who are mentioned in the book.

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